Monday, May 17, 2010

Truths learned from NYC

This past weekend, all of us headed to NYC to meet up with some of my family who were there visiting from Missouri. Here's what I learned:

1) There are less people walking around drinking coffee than you might think.

2) Repeatedly changing platforms in the metro station will a) make it even MORE apparent that you are, indeed, a tourist and b) get you made fun of. By other tourists. From Arkansas.

3) I do, in fact, know what appropriate footwear is!

4) A 6 year-old can walk very, very far.

5) A 3 year-old has the ability to stay awake from 4:30 a.m. on, even if the parent doesn't.

6) A 6 month-old loves watching the bustle of the city, but will cry each time a train pulls into the station.

7) Central Park is as beautiful as the movies make it look. And the people laying out in the grass reading or napping are beautiful too.

8) Pizza IS better in New York.

9) Necessities for a good day: the 'where' app on my aunt's phone; nice New Yorkers; singing ladies in the Metro; strollers and ergos; laughter; ice cream; and map-reading, plan-making husbands.

10) NYC is what you make of it - and the weather sure helps.

11) Being able to make decisions is a virtue, not a vice.

12) I'm more of a Burlington, VT kind of city girl...

We're already making plans for the next time we go - what'd we do the same and what'd we do differently. One thing is for sure: next time, we'll actually go INTO the Met...